Download Viber for PC: Viber is an amazing app on Android that lets you make free calls and send free messages to anyone who has Viber installed on their device. It works just like a voice chat messenger except Viber is for Android mobile phones and works by adding and registering mobile numbers in lieu of a username & password. Most people that use the Android OS have Viber installed as it works very well and is a free option to make and receive calls. Furthermore, the app itself can be downloaded free of cost so you have a quality free app that lets you make calls and send messages for free right here.

However, Viber is only available for Android mobiles and you cannot use a computer to call to a mobile number though the option would have been good as you can call someone and chat while working on your PC. There are a few dozen sites that offer desktop apps to make calls from PC to phone but they are either paid or free versions where the quality suffers badly thus being unviable for someone looking for a free option to make calls from PC to phone. So it would be rather cool to be able to use Viber on PC, don’t you agree? Keep on reading this article to know more about Viber for PC.

Note that there are two possible ways to download and use Viber on PC, you can use it on your computer either with the help of an Android emulator such as BlueStacks, or download it direct for your PC from the download links provided at the end of this post. But if you want to get Viber on PC with BlueStacks, then follow the procedure below.


Download Viber for PC


What you need :

  • A personal computer
  • A mobile number where you can receive SMS/calls. (Need not be a smartphone. Any mobile will do)
  • A few minutes to spare

Viber Msg2

In order to be able to use Viber on PC, we first want a program called BlueStacks App Player to be installed on your PC. BlueStacks is an Android emulator. Simply put, it simulates the behavior of the Android OS on your personal computer thus enabling you to download and install Android apps on it.

There are quite a few Android emulation programs out there but we recommend BlueStacks as it’s a well-rounded performer. Just download BlueStacks App Player from the link below and proceed as you would with any other software installation. Once installed you will be greeted with an interface a la a mobile phone running on Android. You can find apps using the built in search function and download and install as you would on an Android mobile phone.

For further reading on how to install BlueStacks and procedure involved in syncing your PC and Mobile go here : Download & Install BlueStacks Android Emulator on PC. (Syncing is usually not necessary for Viber to work)


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After you finish setting up BlueStacks follow these steps to get Viber running :

1. Launch the BlueStacks App Player by double clicking “Start BlueStcaks” icon on your desktop.

2. Once launched, click the magnifier icon. This opens up the search bar, Type “Viber” in the text field. This fetches a bunch of results.

3. Choose the Viber app (usually the first result) from the results by clicking on the “Install” button next to the result.

Viber 2

4. This will initiate a search for Viber across the available Android app stores.

Viber 3

5. In a short while you’ll be presented with a few options from where you can download Viber on PC.

6. As you can see, here we’re given 3 store options in the form of 1Mobile, Amazon, Google Playstore out of which only 1Mobile & Google Playstore seem to carry the app.

Viber 4

7. You can choose any store the app’s available on. We recommend 1Mobile as it begins the download instantly whereas Google Playstore insists on taking you to the specific product page on the Playstore to initiate download.  The download starts once you select the store, here we selected  the 1Mobile store.

Viber 6

8.  You can now relax as the process might take a while. BlueStacks will notify you via a small popup message saying Viber has been Installed once the process finishes.

BluStax Notification

9. You can see all the installed apps including your brand new Viber in the My Apps page in BlueStacks.

Viber 7

10. Click the app to launch Viber.

Viber AZ

11. Provide your mobile number. It need not be an Android mobile or even a smartphone. Any mobile number you have access to will do.

Viber 10

12. Complete the SMS verification with the code you received on your mobile number which you gave on Viber.

Viber 12

13. If the SMS verification fails, you’ll also be provided with a Call option where the Viber folks call you and gives you the access code on phone.

Viber 13

Call verification

14. Post verification you might need to provide additional info or given an option to import info through Facebook. Proceed accordingly.

Viber 15

15. After successful verification you will be taken to your Viber home page where you can send free messages, make free calls and invite your friends who are on Viber to do the same.

Viber 16


Download : BlueStacks App Player


Viber on PC – Alternative Method


This method involves you downloading the Viber app’s .apk file directly from the web and installing it using BlueStacks. This could come in handy when the built in search function of BlueStacks doesn’t respond properly or fails to fetch desired results.

1. Download and Install the BlueStacks App Player. Use the tutorial provided in the link above if needed.

2. Download the Viber app’s APK file from the download link given below. Remember the location

3. Now go to the location of Viber’s APK file and Right click -> Open with -> Browse.

4. Now browse to the location where BlueStacks App Player is installed and select BlueStacks APK handler to open the APK file with. (usually the location is C:\Program files and C:\Program files (x86) for 32 & 62 bit systems respectively)

5. The installation process will begin and you will be notified once it is done. Launch Viber from My Apps as detailed above.


Viber Call

Viber call in progress

Have fun making free calls to friends and relatives.

Download : Viber APK file

Note : You can also download the APK files of Android apps from the web. The direct link was provided for your convenience. Please check online if you need a different version of the file.


Download Viber for PC – Windows & Mac (Direct Download Links)


Viber for PC

Viber is also officially available for Windows PC and MacBook or iMac running on Mac OS X operating systems. That means, you can download Viber for PC directly for Windows & Mac OS X from the respective links provide below:

Download Viber for PC : Windows | Mac OS

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